Like all things in life, this schedule is tentative and subject to change without notice.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Youth Competition Morning, Room C339 — 9am to noon — Judges: Nicole Esposito, Barbara Siesel, Fluterscooter
9am – 10:30am Chapel – Horacio Parravicini, Masterclass in the Chapel
10am – 10:30am C307 – Meditation for Performers with Viviana
10:30am – 12pm C307 – Body Mapping with Rena Urso-Trapani
10:30am – 12pm Chapel – Sooyun Kim, Masterclass in the Chapel
Exhibitions Open from 12pm – 7pm
1pm – 1:50pm Recital C338 Wyndfall Flute Choir, Christine Erlander Beard, Wyndfall Duo: Tracy & Svetlana Harris
1pm – 1:50pm Workshop C309 Baroque Flute Kris Palmer: Interpreting Baroque Music on a Modern Flute
2pm – 2:50pm Recital C339 The Orioles,  Abigail Sten, Amy Likar, Diane Grubbe, Wyndfall Flute Choir
2pm – 2:50pm Workshop C309 Flutrepaneurship Fluterscooter
2pm – 2:50pm Chapel Celtic Flute Workshop Andra Bohnet
3pm – 3:50pm Recital C338 Desert Echos Flute Project
3pm – 3:50pm Workshop C309 Samantha Chang Lecture Demonstration on Briccialdi with Niall O’Riordan and Svetlana Harris
4pm – 4:50pm Recital C339 The Flute View Trio (Barbara, Fluterscooter, Viviana)
4pm – 4:50pm Workshop C309 Flute Boot Camp  with Tracy L. Harris
Visit Exhibitions from 5pm – 7pm
7:30pm – 8:25pm Recital C338 with pianist Dmitry Cogan, XTreme Magic Flutes Choir,
featuring SFFF Adult Competition Winner 2012, Leo Sussman, Jean-Louis Beaumadier
8:30pm 9:25pm Recital C338 with pianist Dmitry Cogan, DEF Opening, Sooyun Kim

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Adult Competition morning — 9am – noon — Room C339 — Judges: Jean-Louis Beaumadier, Horacio Parravicini, Sooyun Kim
9am – 10:30am Chapel – Barbara Siesel, Masterclass in the Chapel
10am – 10:30am C307 – Meditation for Performers with Viviana
10:30am – 12pm C307 – Feldenkrais Workshop with Niall O’Riordan
Exhibitions Open from 12pm – 6pm
1pm – 1:50pm Recital C338 Davis Youth Flute Choir, Meerenai Shim
1pm – 1:50pm Chapel, Baroque Flute Recital Avant Flute Choir, Kris Palmer, Teddie Hwang
1pm – 1:50pm Workshop C309 Intro to Improvisation for Classical Musicians Jane Lenoir
2pm – 2:50pm Recital C339 Avant Nicole Esposito, Teresa Orozco and Orlando Castro
2pm – 2:50pm Workshop Chapel Viviana Intro to Beatbox
3pm – 3:50pm Recital C338 with Dmitriy, piano: Bel Canto Flutes Opening Niall O’Riordan, Horacio Parravicini
3pm – 3:50pm Baroque Flute Workshop Chapel Teddie Hwang: Historical Flutes Petting Zoo – Bring yours if you’ve got one!
4pm – 4:50pm Jazz Recital C338 Bel Canto Flutes Opening, Nika Rejto, Jane Lenoir
4pm – 4:50pm Chapel, Ai Goldsmith, Ray Furuta, Rena Urso-Trapani, Isabelle Chapuis
Exhibitions Open from 5pm – 6pm
7:00pm GALA CONCERT Le Petite Trianon with the San Jose Chamber Orchestra (admission not included in pass).  Soloists in alpha order: Jean-Louis Beaumadier, Christine Erlander Beard, Nicole Esposito, Viviana Guzman, Sooyun Kim, Horacio Parravicini, Catherine Payne, Barbara Siesel